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ITS#10 Finalists

ITS10 01 ITS#10 Finalists

ITS#10 (International Talent Support), set-up to support graduates and young creative talent, has announced the finalists of this year’s competition after trawling through over 1,200 portfolios from 270 universities including Central Saint Martins, Royal College of Art & London College of Fashion.

The finalists from each category will fly to Trieste Italy on 15/16th July 2011 to attend the Final Gala event.


-       Shaun Samson, American, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (UK)
-       Jantine van Peski, Dutch, Hogeschool Antwerpen (BELGIUM)
-       Tabitha Osler, Canadian, Hogeschool Antwerpen (BELGIUM)
-       Amélie Marciasini, Swedish, Royal College of Art (UK)
-       Fah Chakshuvej, Thai, Royal College of Art (UK)
-       Ruth Green, British, Royal College of Art (UK)
-       Sol Ahn, South Korean, Royal College of Art (UK)
-       Niran Avisar, Israel, Shenkar College of Engineering and Design (ISRAEL)
-       Kristian Guerra, Italian, Università IUAV di Venezia – Corso di Laurea in Design della Moda (ITALY)
-       Harald Lunde Helgesen, Norwegian, Fashion Designer
-       Kevin Kramp, American, Fashion Designer


-       Dinu Bodiciu. Romanian, London College of Fashion (UK)
-       Chan Jung Kim, South Korean, London College of Fashion (UK)
-       Netta Makkonen, Finnish, London College of Fashion (UK)
-       Kat Marks, Canadian, London College of Fashion (UK)
-       Oliver Ruuger, Estonian, London College of Fashion (UK)
-       Laura Amstein, British, Royal College of Art (UK)
-       Anna Shwamborn, German, Royal College of Art(UK)
-       Paul Stafford, British, Royal College of Art (UK)
-       Larisza Pasztircsak & Orsoyla Poppre, Hungarians, Accessories Designers
-       Zuzana Serbak, Slovakian, Accessories Designer
-       Jarah Stoop, Dutch, Accessories Designer

ITS10 02 ITS#10 Finalists


-       Stefano Cuscito, Italian, I.S.I.A. Roma (ITALY)
-       Hanwen Shen, Chinese, London College of Fashion (UK)
-       Raluca Grada, Romanian, Royal College of Art (UK)
-       Sarah Vedel Hurtigkarl, Danish, Royal College of Art (UK)
-       Arnaud Zill, Swiss, The Geneva University of Art and Design – HEAD
-       Shilpa Chavan, Indian, Jewelry Designer
-       Sarah Cho, South Korean, Jewelry Designer
-       Tine De Ruysser, Belgian, Jewelry Designer
-       Ting G, Chinese, Jewelry Designer
-       Karina Maizler, Israeli, Jewelry Designer
-       Sharon Vaizer, Israeli, Jewelry Designer

ITS10 03 ITS#10 Finalists


-       Takashi Kawashima, Japanese, Tokyo Polytechnic University (JAPAN)
-       Nika Kupyrova, Czech Photographer
-       Yijun Liao, Chinese Photographer
-       Michelle Arcila, American Photographer
-       Magdalena Kmiecik, Polish, Hogeschool Antwerpen (BELGIUM)
-       Hannah Laycock, Scottish Photographer
-       Raphael Verona & Thomas Rousset, French Photographers
-       Nikita Pirogov, Russian Photographer
-       Gerardo Vizmanos, Spanish Photographer
-       Tristan Cai, Singaporean, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts School of Fashion Studies (SINGAPORE)

ITS10 04 ITS#10 Finalists

ITS#10 Trend Overview

ITS takes a look at this year’s trends from the graduate portfolios. An in-depth Trend Report will be published on FTAPE.COM later this week.

Symmetry and geometric shapes, as if looking for perfection in uncertain times. The transversal presence in all competitions of the color white, the symbol of purity and innocence, but also of surrender and, therefore, of peaceful intentions.

Covered faces and heads, almost hiding to avoid seeing the world outside, a recurring theme in ITS’ ten-year activity. Just like skeletons, this time with a different twist: we have noticed numerous additional backbones to help a body stand-up as if our own backbone were not strong enough to survive.

Among other particularities: projects inspired by nuns. From a symbolic point of view a nun can represent the need to reconsider one’s own lifestyle, but they are also a symbol of commitment, of generosity and of sacrifice– and lots of nudity, presented in a very sexual, explicit, sometimes perverse way.

Finally, we witnessed several experimentations on spectacles: to see things more clearly, or in a different way, using different lenses.