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Rihanna x Boy London

Rihanna Boy London Rihanna x Boy London

Known for setting trends for millions of teenage girls, it would appear that R’n'B senstation Rihanna has propelled the iconic 70′s brand ‘Boy London‘ from cult to international status once again after sporting a full-look on this weekend’s Jonathan Ross show.

Rihanna has been seen sporting Boy London’s iconic logo since the end of last year, wearing leggings in her ‘You Da One’ video. This was followed last week by the star tweeting a photo of her ‘BOY’ cap, which has since become a regular feature of her daily wardrobe.

As a result of Rihanna’s trend-setting status, Boy London has seen a huge increase in sales of its unisex tees, jumpers, caps (£35) and leggings (£40) with Selfridges noting a 45% percent rise since the weekend alone!

Selfridges Buying Manager, Richard Sanderson, comments: “Whilst Boy London is firmly on the radar of fashion enthusiasts it remains a bit of a hidden gem for London – so it’s great to see an international star championing one of our underground labels. The reaction from customers has been fantastic, particularly on our online store. We’re seeing both men and women buying into the unisex range. Rihanna’s style kudos is clearly having an impact on her UK audience.”

Rihanna YouDaOne02 Rihanna x Boy London

Rihanna YouDaOne Rihanna x Boy London

Rihanna BoyLondon Rihanna x Boy London

BoyLondon Rihanna x Boy London

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