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Interview with Mark Cox

Mark L. Cox, the gorgeous Dutch man from Zeist, a small town in the Netherlands has become a top model within a short period of time. He was a car salesman when he was discovered but now he’s one of the most wanted male models in the industry.

Since his first campaign with Pringle of Scotland, his career has rocketed. He’s featured in several International magazines such as L’Officiel Hommes Italia, W magazine, GQ Italia, and appeared in campaigns including Gucci Eyewear, John Richmond SS11, CK watches and accessories, Prada and Z Zegna.

Below Patinya of malemodelscrush interviews the in-demand Dutch export for F.TAPE:

Z Zegna SS10 | David Slijper / Top image by Steven Chu
Q: How does it feel to become a Top Model? And how do you balance your personal life and modelling career?

Mark: I don’t see myself as a Top Model. It takes more to become a real Top Model than only a ranking. I try to see my friends back home as much as possible, and enjoy time with my friends, family and life more than ever.

Q: Are you personally interested in fashion?

Mark: I’m interested in photography so that means yes right???

Q: What do you think about the fashion industry today? What’s the best part? And the worst?

Mark: Best part of fashion is it’s always changing and dealing with a lot of different people from the most creative people to business people. No idea of what the worst part of fashion is.

Q: Do you think male models should get paid equally to the female?

Mark: Yesssss. I don’t understand why not. But let’s see how far we can bring male modelling.

Richmond SS11 | Francesco Carozzini
Q: A stereotype of a ‘male model’ is that they’re dumb. What’s your opinion on this?

Mark: It’s the same as saying blonde people are dumb.

Q: Since you’re in a very competitive industry, how do you cope with rejection? What’s the worst comment you’ve ever had?

Mark: I don’t expect anything. That’s the only way to protect yourself from getting disappointed and sometimes it’s better not to know which jobs you’re on option for. I only want to know when it’s really important. And I haven’t had any horrible comments yet.

Q: Are you comfortable being naked in front of the camera?

Mark: I don’t mind taking my shirt off in front of the camera. It’s part of the job

Q: What’s your most memorable modelling job?

Mark: The CK campaign shoot, the editorial I shot for “W Magazine” with Mert & Marcus and all the campaigns I did.

CK SS10 | Craig McDean

W Magazine 2009 | Mert & Marcus
Q: What’s the craziest outfit you’ve ever worn on set?

Mark: I’ve done a shoot with a lot of women’s clothing. The shoot isn’t out yet but I know the photographer made it look really cool without really knowing its womenswear.

Q: What would you be if you weren’t a model?

Mark: I would probably still be working as a car salesman.

Q: If you could be an animal, what would you be? And why?

Mark: A dog because a dog has personality LOL

Q: Have you ever spotted by a fan? Any crazy fan moments?

Mark: Not really, during fashion week there are some people who want to take pictures with me but I don’t see those people as my fans.

Gucci Eyewear | Daniel Jackson
Q: What are your favourite pick up lines?

Mark: Hahaha i don’t use pick up lines. It has to be spontaneous.

Q: What’s your guilty pleasure?

Mark: Pure chocolate

Q: Please describe yourself in 3 words

Mark: Outgoing, Caring, Impatient.

Even though Mark says he’s not a ‘Top Model’ many would disagree. His strong bone structure along with his great personality and professionalism always fascinates the major clients and makes it irresistible for them to book him season after season. Off the camera, he’s very down to earth and the most caring person you’ve ever met. In the future we might see him on the silver screen, who knows….

Thank you to Patinya at malemodelscrush
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