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The Bloom Twins Q&A


17 year-old Ukrainian twins Anna and Sonya Kupriienko first came to our attention in October last year when they had just arrived in London and visited our studio for The Model Wall.

Since then the girls have made their catwalk debut at London Fashion Week and been photographed for Vogue Italia, Tank, InStyle and i-D Online.

In October the girls told us of their quest to become musicians and they’re now signed with a record label as ‘Bloom’ and have recently launched their debut single – a distinctive version of Kish Mauve’s ‘Fahrenheit’.

Not only are the girls flawless singers (we’ve heard them acoustically a couple of times) they are also mastering a whole array of instruments including the keyboard, flute, harmonica and drums. But, their talent doesn’t end there! They also write their own songs and have already caught the attention of stars such as Axl Rose.

The Bloom Twins describe their take on ‘Fahrenheit’ as “something that is distant and sensual yet soft“. Watch their haunting debut music video below and see for yourself:


We also caught-up with the sisters to discuss their sound, influences and life in the industry:

When we first met you had just arrived in London and came in to see us for The Model Wall. What have you been up to since?

Wow. It feels like an eternity ago.
Lots of songs were written, lots of gigs were played, lots of incredible photoshoots and interviews took place. We worked for such magazines like Italian Vogue, Tank, i-D online, InStyle, worked with Ellen Von Unwerth, Ruven Affandor. We had our first European bookings – went to Paris and had 2 gigs there.
The most important thing is that we shot our first video for a song called “Fahrenheit” that came out on June 19th. It is being really well received and it makes us really happy. We had our first radio interviews and “Fahrenheit” was on air! It feels amazing!

You are now delving deeper into your music careers. Tell us about your style of music?

Yes, music was always a massive part of our lives. We were into music probably since we were born, but it took us a bit of time to be able to share it with others. In terms of style we call it dark pop. Such a genre probably doesn’t even exist but we label it that.
All our songs are autobiographical. We write about our emotions, our experiences and it resembles our mood. It’s not as though we picked a style and decided to work in that genre. We were working on “Fahrenheit” and were doing it in the way that naturally came to us. It was effortless. And in the songs to follow – it’s the same. All was natural, we do harmonies, we use the instruments that we play: keyboards, flute, harmonica. So it was creating the style on its own but since the vocal melodies are pretty soft – we consider it pop.

How long have you been performing and where have you performed to date?

Well, the last 7 months we have been playing a lot. Different venues, small and big, and different events. A lot of our experience was gathered from open mic sessions that we visited a few times a week.
We performed in front of 30 people to about 2000. Maybe it’s little for others, but it was overwhelming for us. It felt surreal!
And a few weeks ago we had our first “international” bookings.

What/who has influenced your sound?

Tricky one. We never intended to project someone’s sound onto ours.
But we hear that we resemble Portishead. Or Adele, or Lana Del Rey.
Of course the music we listen to reflects on our styles, but we grew up on Beatles… Not sure we have a lot of Beatles in us. Now we listen to Rudimental, Imagine Dragons, and Muse.

You must spend a lot of time with one another. How is that? Do you ever argue/disagree?

Oh yeah, all the time, but it’s only others that think it’s serious.
We forget about it in a minute and never hurt one another. We have a lot of disagreements when we work on songs. But those are healthy and they help us to get the sound that both of us like. When we write we often start together, but at some point we have to run into different rooms and concentrate on our own.

Tell us a personality trait that sets you both apart?

Think black and white. Think ying and yang. That’s us! On the outside we look alike and we, as a matter or fact , act alike as well. We never used to notice it, but we realised how synchronised we are in our movements. But we are certainly VERY different. We like different things, and the core traits set us apart. One is sensible, the other one is a bit of a trouble seeker. Let’s leave it at that. It’s for you guys to figure out which is which!

How has modeling helped your music and vice versa?

We look at modelling as our tool to express fashion and some creative aspects of our music. We can’t really brag that we know what modelling is. We never did it full time. We had a taste of it for one fashion week and we can honestly say that people’s perception that modelling is an easy job is wrong. It takes a lot for girls to get where they get and to secure jobs. We want to intertwine fashion and music. Not in an extravagant way. More as something to emphasise certain moods of our songs, in our videos or performances. An image helps you to express yourself, the lyrics, or the mood. So that’s why we love fashion. And that’s where it helps us. And I guess that’s how we help fashion.

You obviously have the unique ability to harmonise to perfection. Was this a natural gift or did it take time to develop?

We believe that it is work that we put into it since we were young. If every person was putting the same amount of time into it then our harmonies wouldn’t look like a gift. Anything can be achieved with devoted practice.

Who would star in your dream music video?


What’s next for Bloom?

We want to record and release our EP. We have an interesting idea for our music videos and we want to be able to make it. We want to start touring the world, visit new places and meet new people that will inspire us to write new songs and will make us discover something new about us. We want to Bloom!

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Image by Kai Griffig



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