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Terms & Conditions


1. F.TAPE (referred to hereinafter as “We” or “Us”, as appropriate) does not display the personal data of our Clients and Subscribers on our website (the “Site”), nor do We forward such data to third party companies. Whilst We store our Site database with the upmost of care and security, We are not responsible in the event of a security breach or for the loss of any data held by Us.
2. Users of the Site are not permitted to access Site information in or from any jurisdiction which considers such information unlawful. We cannot accept responsibility if users access our Site in breach of any such local laws or restrictions which deem the Site information unlawful. Further, we do not accept responsibility for policing any breach of this paragraph 2 and We are not under any obligation to adopt systems or technologies that prevent user from viewing our Site in breach of this paragraph 2.
3. Whilst We take extreme care to ensure all information on our Site is correct and up-to-date, We do not accept responsibility for errors in any information or data published on our Site. We work actively to update information at the requests of our Clients and Subscribers.
4. Our Terms & Conditions may change from time to time. Although We will endeavour to communicate any material amendments of our Terms & Conditions to our Clients and Subscribers, we do not accept responsibility for any reliance by our Clients and Subscribers on terms which are not applicable or no longer in force, nor do we accept responsibility for notifying our Clients and Subscribers of changes to our terms.


5. All material contained in or posted on our Site (including, but not limited to, imagery, data, text, music, sound, photography, graphics and video) is protected by copyright, trademark and/or other applicable intellectual property rights and remain the exclusive property of the owner of such rights (the “Owner”), subject to any license or franchise arrangements. Any use, copying or passing on of such content without the consent of the Owner, or license or franchise holder, as appropriate, is strictly prohibited. Breach of any such rights may result in civil and/or criminal prosecution.
6. We do not take responsibly for any material (including, but not limited to, imagery, data, text, music, sound, photography, graphics or video) that becomes the content of our Site, micro-sites, web pages or promotional literature and emails. It is therefore the responsibility of our Clients and Subscribers to ensure that they have obtained the appropriate permissions and consents from the Owner before submitting or providing material to Us.
7. Our Site contains third party website links. Although we screen each link submitted or posted on our Site, We do not accept responsibility for any of the content found on such linked websites or any loss suffered as a result of the use of these links and their association with our Site.

User usage & Registration

8. We reserve the right to refuse submission requests to our Site applications. Submitting information to our Site does not guarantee that it will be listed.
9. Our Site may contain imagery that some may deem offensive, provocative or inappropriate for minors. Therefore, users must be 18 years old or older to use the Site.
10. We use cookies to enhance security, collect information and improve navigation within our Site. In registering with Us and Our Newsletter, you accept that We will use cookies as part of your web experience.

User Membership

11. We reserve the right to cancel or amend the level of your Membership at any time during the term of your subscription if We believe you have violated our Terms & Conditions.
12. You must notify Us immediately if you believe someone may be using your log-in information without Your or Our permission. If Multiple Users are discovered using the same log-in information it will result in a suspension or cancellation of your Membership.
13. You agree to not access our Site through unauthorised means. This includes, but is not limited to, violating networks, breaching log-in and/or password information, duplicating Memberships or submitting false information.
14. We reserve the right to collect information on all users of the Site. Personal information such as name, address, email, occupation, interests may be used to develop the quality of our Site and you agree to the use of this information for such purpose. We undertake not to pass on any such information to third parties.

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