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Romulo Pires

Brazilian born Romulo Pires has been modelling for twelve years after being scouted working as a mechanic in his home city of Brasilia as part of Elite Model Look competition. He went on to win the national content and launch a successful career.

Over the years Romulo has landed lucrative campaigns for the likes of Christian Lacroix fragrance, ckOne fragrance, Clarins, Cartier fragrance, Uniqlo, Day Birger et Mikkelsen, Target and H&M.

His editorial credits include W Magazine, L’Officiel Hommes, Details, Elle Men Mexico, VMAN, Made in Brazil and GQ Brasil.

Romulo is now acting alongside modelling and owns a bustling coffee shop in the heart of Sao Paulo!

Age: 36
Birthplace: Brasilia-Brasil
Nickname: Magrelo
How Were You Scouted: In a garage when I was a mechanic in Brasilia, then I took part in the Elite Model Look and won the national contest.
What’s Your Best Feature: Happy all the time
Top 3 Beauty/Grooming Products: Garnier, Clarins and L’eau d’issey Issey Miyake
Your Favorite Fragrance: L’eau d’issey – Issey Miyake
What’s Been Your Most Lavish Purchase?:  A trip to Fernando de Noronha, Brasil
Hobbies: Soccer, cook, Muay Thai and all sports
Fitness Regime: Run, soccer, Muay Thai
What Was The Last Movie You Watched?: A TV Series, Game of Thrones
What Was The Last Track You Listened To On Your Ipod?: Marvin Gaye
Do You Have Any Guilty Pleasures?: Dark Chocolate
What Is Your Biggest Fear?: Dying young
What Is Your Dream Country To Visit?: Solomon Islands
If You Were Not Modeling, What Would You Be Doing?: I never stop to think about it but probably a Mechanic.
If You Got To Relive One Day In Your Modeling Career It Would Be…: Tomorrow, but if I have to choose one, shooting with Helmut Newton before he passed away.
If You Could Be On The Cover Of Any Magazine, It Would Be: V Magazine
What’s The Funniest Thing That Has Happened To You On A Shoot?: In Japan, we were shooting with Karl Lagerfeld and Akihabara stood still to see ‘The Kaiser’, The Emperor Of Fashion.
What Was The Last Thing To Make You Cry?: My grandmothers death
What’s Your Favorite Fashion City And Why?: Paris, the way of living is fascinating. It brings feelings of times gone by.
Who Are Your Idols?: My hero, idol and best friend is my mother.
What Was The Last Dream You Remember?: Surfing an airplane and landing without crashing, then smoking a Cuban Cigar with the pilot that was waiting for me to landing the plane.
One Word To Describe Yourself: Outgoing person, interpreter of the mood of the moment.
Instagram Handle: @Romulopires
How Much Money Would You Need To Shave Your Hair Off? Just For A Good Cause.
Best Quote Ever: What I enjoy most is doing something i’ve never done before.

Height: 6’1.5″ | 187cm
Chest: 38.5″ | 97.80cm
Waist: 32″ | 81cm
Shoes: 9.5 UK | 44.5 EU
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green


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