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Stefano Berretti

Stats: Height: 6’2” | 187cmWaist: 31″ | 79cmChest: 38″ | 97cmShoe: 10 UK | 10.5 US | 44 EUEyes: BrownHair: Black

Agencies: London: PRMMilan: 3M MODELS, Milan: WHY NOT MODELSBerlin: VIVA MODELS

When you study Stefano Berretti’s face, his dark alluring features and immaculate olive skin, it’s easy to imagine romance. It’s not surprising that Dolce & Gabbana have made him a staple of their shows since 2015. But whilst his face lends it’s all-Italian good looks to the fashion industry, this boy is busy creating an empire. Stefano is also a DJ/Producer and working on a single under the name of BRO BERRI with his younger brother. They have already supported some of the most famous DJs and producers around the world and are getting recognised as a force in the Electronic Dance scene. If that wasn’t enough, Stefano is also launching his own clothing brand and record label which will see him directing music videos. It’s safe to say Stefano is beautiful and he is busy.

Q&A: Age: 25Full Name: Stefano BerrettiBirthplace: Gaeta (Italy)Ethnic Origin: LatinNickname: STEHow were you scouted?: Walking in Rome.What’s your best feature?: I can live with every kind of person and easily adapt to new places but always remaining myself.Top 3 beauty/grooming products: Kerastase/ Crew and Bumble and Bumble Sumowax.Your favourite fragrance: Molecole 02 Giza.What’s been your most lavish purchase?: All the necessities in building a home studio to produce my music.What are your Hobbies?: My hobbies are sport and music… that is also my other work.What is your Fitness Regime?: I use to workout an hour and half a day whenever i’m free from work.What was the last movie you watched?: The Beach with Leonardo Di Caprio and Tilda SwintonWhat was the last track you listened to on your iPod?: The new track that me and my brother will release! You could hear it soon too.What is your biggest fear?: Is to work for someone that i don’t care about and in the process, don’t realise my dreams.What is your dream country to visit?: Peru; it looks such an amazing place.If you were not modelling, what would you be doing?: I’d probably be in my national rowing team or probably doing some normal job to finance my music. Who knows!If you got to relive one day in your modelling career it would be…?: The day i had to move to NYC. That’s the dream city, but LA is where i would now love to live for a while.If you could swap lives with a celebrity who would it be?: Will Smith. He’s a person that i appreciate mentality and artistically.How would you describe happiness?: Happiness for me is to make real what you only see in your dreams. Passion and perseverance are the keys for happiness and love.Who has been the most influential person in your modelling career to date?: The meeting i had with Renzo Rosso whilst working for Diesel. He has built such a big clothing empire starting with an simple vision but with a crazy determination to reach what he wanted.If you could be on the cover of any magazine, it would be?: My dream is to be on the cover of Rolling Stones one day.What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you on a shoot?: Being showered with honey whilst smoking a cigarette and still trying to look cool.What was the last thing to make you cry?: It was after playing in front of 4000 people with my brother on my side and my sister and my best friends on the 1st line supporting us. The energy you get from the crowd and the feeling you get is something impossible to explain.What’s your favourite fashion city and why?: My favourite fashion city is London, full of artists and inspired people in their perfect habitat. London has good energy and it’s a beautiful city… the only problem for me is the rain.Who are your idols?: My idols are Steve Jobs and Nelson Mandela. Icons made by their visions and determination that changed people lives and left an important mark on our human story.What would you do if you found out the world was ending in 24hrs?: I would take my family to a crazy beautiful place and live with there my last hours, speaking about the great things we had till the moment came.One word to describe yourself: PerseverantHow much money would you need to shave your hair off?: If it’s for a good reason and visibility, then not too much

Social Media: Instagram: @stefano.berrettiTwitter: @BerrettiStefano

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