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Zach Grenenger

Zach Grenenger aka ‘Greno’, born on the northern coast of Sydney, was first scouted at the age of 14 and started modelling aged 16.

The blonde haired, blue eyed surfer boy made his catwalk debut at Australia Fashion Week in 2013 and has shot editorials for magazines including Wonderland, Hunger, GQ, Men’s Style and August Man Malaysia.

Age: 22
Birthplace: I was born on the Northern Beaches of Sydney , Australia
Ethnic Origin: Well on my father’s side I have German heritage and on my mother’s side I have french heritage. So a combination of 2 very different cultures on top of being born Australian.
Nickname: Greno – haha. Pretty random but it runs through the family on my dad’s side. All his brothers had the exact same nickname. So it’s kind of tradition.
How were you scouted: I was 14 at the time and was walking down the road in Double bay (Sydney) when I was approached. At the time I was so young and didn’t think anything of it until I was approached again 3 weeks later.
What’s your best feature: ummm I’d probably say my naturally olive skin. I’m pretty lucky to stay tanned all year round.
Top 3 beauty/grooming products: Oh that’s easy – Benzac face cream which keeps my skin clear and looking fresh, Uppercut Matt paste which keeps my hair in shape and stops frizzing, and lastly Colgate Optic white toothpaste which whitens my teeth.
Your favorite fragrance: Aqua Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein… Even though it’s a few years old the scent is timeless and one of their best!
What’s been your most lavish purchase?: When my eye sight began to fade at short distance 6 months ago so I bought a pair of the latest Ralph Lauren frames which were way more then I could afford but why not spoil yourself once in a while!
Hobbies: I love sport in general. I’m a very athletic guy so between going to the gym and surfing 4 times a week I keep myself busy! But surfing is my passion it’s hard not being in the water.
Fitness Regime: I train 6 times a week as I have a real love for keeping healthy. I run 10km which takes 45 mins then 30 minutes of weights which range from working my core muscles to strengthening my back . Then on top of that I try and do bikram yoga twice a week as its a real fat burner and keeps you long and lean.
What was the last track you listened to on your iPod?: Sex and Candy by Maroon 5… Which is totally off my usual playlist I listen to but variation keeps things fresh – ha!
Do you have any Guilty Pleasures?: Haha boy do I ever…. Where do I start – expresso martinis, jam doughnuts, coffee frapachino from Starbucks, purchasing jackets beyond my price range … I could be here all day listing them!
What is your biggest fear?: I’m not a big fan of clowns. They’re meant to make you smile but they just freak me out…
What is your dream country to visit?: Tahiti for sure. I’ve been wanting to go there since I started surfing when I was 8… Crystal blue waters and perfect waves with no one out… Bliss !
If you were not modeling, what would you be doing?: I would be sitting my HSC… Thank god I started modelling full time!
If you got to relive one day in your modeling career it would be…: A shoot where i was running around in pyjamas and playing with little kids all day. I had a blast in these big fluffy slippers they made me wear!
If you could be on the cover of any magazine, it would be: My aspiration is to one day be on the cover of GQ Style or Vogue Hommes
What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you on a shoot?: A lingerie shoot I did where there was baby powder all over the models and we had to wrestle these girls in a “sexy” way but no matter how hard you try baby powder ruins the mood… And you just have to burst out laughing in those situations.
What was the last thing to make you cry?: That would be my last relationship break up which was pretty rough but all good things come to an end and I learnt to accept that.
What’s your favorite fashion city and why?: London for sure because the most amazing tailored suits come from this shop in soho and every guy that walks in there comes out looking absolutely amazing. To see such quality from a small humble shop is what fashion is really about.
Who are your idols?: My parents … They are the most amazing people. To become even half the person my mother and father are would be a blessing.
What was the last dream you remember?: I was a quarterback for an NFL team… I don’t remember much besides getting smashed by a mountain of a man who was the blindside attacker on the opposing team.
One word to describe yourself: Driven
Twitter handle: @Lifeofzachary
Instagram handle: @ZACHGRENENGER
How much money would you need to shave your hair off? Anything higher then $100,000

Height: 6’1″ | 185cm
Chest: 37″ | 94cm
Waist: 31″ | 79cm
Shoes: 10 UK | 44.5 EU | 11 US
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue


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